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The F – Word

In a black and white world, where everybody frivolously takes sides, the sense of right and wrong somehow stands on slippery grounds.How many times have you heard someone tell you,” It’s all about your perspective”.And I think that s the beauty of our world, nothing is definitive.There is this undeniable sense of fluidity where each […]

New year-New ME!

Transitions in life are usually marked by major events:birthdays, graduations, weddings.And there is this another event that simply glorifies transition,”The New Year Celebrations”. Some warm up into their blankets, some raise glasses, But all of unanimously at the stroke of 12, RESOLVE Resolve to accomplish things we’ve only dreamt of,And resolve not to do some […]

Institutional Voids

Why do consumers sometimes find it difficult to procure the goods and services they need even though they have the capital?Even as globalisation flourishes, why do MNCs shy away from emerging economies?

Exploring the effects of corruption

Corruption in amateur words would be placing self-interests above social interests. Corruption is an ancient problem that has evolved with the advancement of kingdoms and societies.Texts as old as Arthasastra state the impossibility of government servants to ‘not’ consume, atleast a bit of the state revenue.  However, is corruption all that adverse as it is […]


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  1. I love this Neha💯🥰. I bet anyone can connect with this. It makes a lot of sense. The ‘neighbour’ part makes me reflect on this whole topic.


  2. Nehhhhhaaaaaaaaa! nailed it da srsly miss reading all your poems and stories.Excited and will always be waiting for more of your works!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dudeee nehaa,
    Seriously amazinggg, anyone can connect with this, extremely well.
    Really awesome blog. Love thiss.


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