The Internet of value: Transcending for the better

But, what if I told you that the Internet has evolved to aid us in eliminating this whole concept of a middle man. The Internet now is more than just a labyrinth of information, more than just a data bank. It has transformed from the Internet of information to the Internet of value.

“Nudge for good”

How governments are using behavioural insights to frame social and economic policies…

Institutional Voids

Why do consumers sometimes find it difficult to procure the goods and services they need even though they have the capital?Even as globalisation flourishes, why do MNCs shy away from emerging economies?

Exploring the effects of corruption

Corruption in amateur words would be placing self-interests above social interests. Corruption is an ancient problem that has evolved with the advancement of kingdoms and societies.Texts as old as Arthasastra state the impossibility of government servants to ‘not’ consume, atleast a bit of the state revenue.  However, is corruption all that adverse as it is…