The F – Word

In a black and white world, where everybody frivolously takes sides, the sense of right and wrong somehow stands on slippery grounds.How many times have you heard someone tell you,” It’s all about your perspective”.And I think that s the beauty of our world, nothing is definitive.There is this undeniable sense of fluidity where each…

New year-New ME!

Transitions in life are usually marked by major events:birthdays, graduations, weddings.And there is this another event that simply glorifies transition,”The New Year Celebrations”. Some warm up into their blankets, some raise glasses, But all of unanimously at the stroke of 12, RESOLVE Resolve to accomplish things we’ve only dreamt of,And resolve not to do some…

“Nudge for good”

How governments are using behavioural insights to frame social and economic policies…

Institutional Voids

Why do consumers sometimes find it difficult to procure the goods and services they need even though they have the capital?Even as globalisation flourishes, why do MNCs shy away from emerging economies?


have you ever deliberately postponed watching the last episode of your favourite show?


This is a book review, one of my favourite reads, One Day by David Nicholls