New year-New ME!

Transitions in life are usually marked by major events:birthdays, graduations, weddings.And there is this another event that simply glorifies transition,”The New Year Celebrations”.

Some warm up into their blankets, some raise glasses,

But all of unanimously at the stroke of 12,


Resolve to accomplish things we’ve only dreamt of,And resolve not to do some things ever again.

And waking up to the new morning ,we all pretend “that the things we wished to forget” were magically washed off in a single night.We pretend the world, a wish granting factory, finally listened to our prayers.

“New year-new me”!

And moving few months into the new year we realise… 

“New year-Same me”!

And what’s more hilarious is that we believe that the fault is in our stars or the year itself,”2020″.

But honestly, we do know better right….

We know it’s that piled up ego, that trashed up anger, that unanswered fear, that stern laziness ,is what is holding us back….

But just like in the fairytales, we really really hope that someone would save us out of this.

But the naked truth that many of us have been postponing to accept(including myself):A new year dosen’t wipe away old problems,You do!

Don’t settle,But don’t strain too…I just really hope that all of us find the balance that we are looking for…find the new year that we are looking for:)

6 responses to “New year-New ME!”

  1. Wow nehhh this is so good !! Love love 💓


    1. neha sudhakar avatar
      neha sudhakar



  2. Other ppl have one night to wash off their “old self”, you have two…but if still doesn’t work then I guess it’s not true…good thoughts neha…and if I’m not reading too much into it then I think it got triggered by all the 2020 memes??? If yes, then congratulations because I can read your mind through your piece….what’s better than that!


    1. neha sudhakar avatar
      neha sudhakar

      haha yesss…two nights still seem less😋😂!!Not the 2020 memes exactly tho😶…..😂❤️❤️❤️


  3. Maanasa Abhirami avatar
    Maanasa Abhirami

    Hey Neha! This is an amazing work! I hope our stories turn from fairytales to legends! Btw Happy new year neha ! Do what you love and love what you do! love you loads and keep writing ! Waiting for the next work soon!


    1. neha sudhakar avatar
      neha sudhakar

      hey mans,love u too✨😍❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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