Escaping the theatre

We are all part of this act

Where we are pulled in directly without any


The script can be a little too complicated

And every time you laugh on-stage 

You know that it’s an ill script

But you are an amateur to write one on your



We usually tend to loose our essence as we

grow up

Maybe loose a little curiosity,

or loose the way you used to laugh

All because someone told you it’s weird

or that it’s not right

But honestly, we all have our own masks

Our own ways of playing pretend.


But today it is important that you stand for


If you flee from things you fear

There is no resolution.


I’m going to tell you what I should have a

while ago,

The director of the play is asleep

And has been that way for long

You have so hopelessly been re-enacting it

again and again

So this is your chance to escape the theatre

And see the world through your eyes,

through your own thoughts and


You can feel shamelessly,

I just want you to know

Every feeling is validated.


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