Have you ever deliberately postponed watching the last episode of your favourite show because you don’t want it to end.Unfortunately, we don’t have that kind of control over reality.

Even though I tell people I don’t miss CIRS, you should ask my new(not so new)friends that glow in my eyes when I talk about that place and it’s people.I learnt a lot, some maybe the hard way, but in the end…the journey was simply invaluable.

The times we stood for each other, danced together, went late to classes, had silly conversations about crushes, changed to different classes…to different dorms, new students-old students, made birthday plans(and Marie biscuit cakes),complained about Sodexo, annoyed the hell outta each other, got repeatedly confused of what we want to become when we grow up(IAS maybe?), made nicknames, changed nicknames , occasionally got hit by home sickness, saw everyone around us grow, felt happy for each other s success, houses meant everything(bleed blue) ,made mistakes got scolded together(who sneaked in that chocolate btw?), learnt from our loss, never shared tucks, eventually bullied that one friend into giving her chocolates, had 101 inside jokes, Saturday movie nights were precious, but eventually learnt to give them up for other works(masquerade and sometimes to study), learnt new languages, made new families, ran relays, tried other sports(tt,bb), rehearsed dramas we never brought to stage, shipped people, high school strained some friendships, learnt to move on, studied late nights(hail CIRS coffee), spoke deep stuff,the most random stuff, struggled our way through boards, farewell…. was the hardest, waved back at hostel, dreaded changing schools, learnt being without each other could be harder than we thought…..

And look where time has brought us today

Sometimes the most comforting thing is the presence of a few people.No talk,No cry, No giggle.Their presence is simply priceless and comforting ,you just want them to stay with you all along.

And that’s how much I miss my CIRS fam.

I know many of you wouldn’t believe but this how I cope.Whenever I feel very low, I just take my slam book and flip through the pages, it is simply so consoling to read those pretty things people have written about you, and they are not any fake appreciation but crafted with real memories and feelings.And somewhere down the lane I realised relationships are not built on magic but genuine efforts.

And thanks to CIRS,I learnt this and many more ,I owe you one.


P.S.This post is quite personal to me, and I very much look forward to sharing more of this kind.

5 responses to “C.I.R.S”

  1. The best❤️❤️

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    1. neha sudhakar avatar
      neha sudhakar



  2. Wow. It’s so amazing

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    1. neha sudhakar avatar
      neha sudhakar



  3. Adithya Manoj avatar
    Adithya Manoj

    I can connect to this deeply! We CIRS students can say that we enjoyed our childhood to its best .Full of ups and downs, but only gaining from the experiences in that place💯🙌🏼


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