Im going out of the beat today,

no poetry, 

no economics,

Simply a book review, of my all time fav,

“ONE DAY”-David Nicholls

For a very restless person like me, who cannot re-read or re-watch,

This novel has been more than absorbing(read it a several times actually), a novel I so secretly wish I wrote.

There’s friendship, flirting, banter, resentment, hate, humour (a lot of humour).

It’s precisely the story of Em(Emma Morley) and Dex(Dexter Mayhew).About two people and twenty years.

The story begins at the dawn of 15 July 1988, when Emma and Dexter are curled up on the bed after their  graduation night.They are talking about the future,(the forties).

Emma is fiercely individualistic, a little introvert maybe.Dexter is popular and reckless (a result of his huge parental wealth) and wants to live life to the extremes.

Honestly she’s pinned on him for years, and he’s been more aware of her than he lets her know.

Years pass, they settle into a familiarity of friendship, more like pen pals.While its a year of bad choices for Emma,Dexter is travelling,China,Barcelona,Amsterdam….

And their lives intersect ever year, One day, the same day, on July 15.

Emma is keen on publishing her writings, and for the time, she works in a Mexican restaurant.Somewhere the series of events lead her to wondering if she really has a love for writing or was it just some stationery fetish.

Meanwhile Dexter is in India, in his six page long letter he writes “You’re gorgeous, you old hag, and if I could give you just one gift ever for the rest of your life it would be this. Confidence. It would be the gift of confidence. Either that or a scented candle”.And finally ends by writing that they would meet at the Taj Mahal.

But, only if he had posted that letter….

Dexter has a  life of party, is sunk in a world of glitz as he becomes a TV host.Too much had happened to him, too little had happened to her.Dex narrates about Namoi,Em only wishes she was as fearless and asymmetrical as her.As a way to boost her confidence he says,”you know ,Em,if you’re still single when you are forty I’ll marry you.”

They tour the Greek island together but with a lot of pre set rules and hold backs.

They are in their late twenties,Emma is seeing Ian.As Dexter finds himself more and more reliant on Em, she has become less available to him.More annoyingly Emma seems to relish her newly found independence from Dex.

Dexter is called the most odious man on the television, and he no more gets big chances.

1995,Em and Dex do not get along well, they have lost the knack of making each other laugh, more importantly they didn’t even try.However after the fateful night at Club tropicana even the leftovers of their friendship ends.Emma leaves him.

Em finally meets a real-life publisher,But Dex’s career is in extreme slump.No one wants a host in their mid-thirties. Dex finds himself in love (after Naomi, Ingrid, Yoland) with Sylvie Cope.He likes her even more than she likes him.

After years of strains and independence,Em and Dex finally meet.Emma finally tells Dex, “When I didn’t see you, I thought about you every day, I mean every day, in some way or another.” “Same here,” he replies. The tardy confession accompanies the announcement of his engagement to another woman(Sylvie).

15 July 2001,things had been said and done.

“Love and be loved,” Em had told herself, “if you ever get the chance.” 

But after a series of guarded and precautious affection, will Dex and Em ever unite?

What had really happened on July 15th 1998 when they first met?

I really urge you all to find it out.

You might hate it or love it, but you are definitely going to be moved.

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