“P E O P L E”

It’s beautiful when lives of unlikely people come together, maybe different by age, maybe different by attitude or maybe different by passion.

I mean we have people who can complete our sentences, but we also need people who can actually change our sentences, give us better words, better vocabulary.

We need the kind of humans who can alter our most stern judgements, mend our habits a little, take us to places we never thought existed.

Living” and “life” aren’t the same things, you work for a living, but work is not life.

How much ever we hail individualism, at the end of the day we need our people. There are better teachers than time, you got your dad’s precious advice; there are better listeners than diaries, your friend knows your story right;there’s better synonym to entertainment than Netflix, there are people(about an 8 billion actually).You cannot be a lot of things, but you surely got folks out there to complete you.

Show them love, love them faster(none of us are immortal).

It’s only closure when you know your eulogy will have pretty rocking stories, from pretty sorts of people topped with no regrets.

Honestly narcissism is frailty, so is to cocoon yourself in solitude.If you find yourself going anywhere there, tell yourself this,

“Courage, dear heart”,and go talk it out.

10 responses to ““P E O P L E””

  1. An amazing read 🤩

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  2. I am in love with your writing 😍


  3. This is soo good and soo true neigh ❤️

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  4. It just keeps getting better :’)

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  5. A very good and important topic that youngsters nowadays rarely are concerned about…very glad that u got to know so much about people around…well written neha…

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  6. This is so true and nice neha!!


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