Oblivious Days

We talk about happiness,

We talk about sadness.

But there’s a very important path between both,

The transition.

The healing.

The actual living.

We never really talk about the moderate moments of life

How smiling at your neighbour is now just a muscle memory, yet you do it differently every time, sometimes wider than the others actually 

About the days you simply studied, studied recklessly

The summers that you remember because of the boredom that hit you

The peace of finding someone you know at a crowded party

The tired days that put you to sleep in seconds

And the days you clinged on to that one song

Or felt proud, at the simple thought that you’ve grown up and people around you have too

And the times you spoke to your friends, but without laughter or cries, maybe simply about the film that was releasing, or how to keep yourself safe from the epidemic

When you clicked pictures of not sunsets, not people, just a wooden door because you felt that it looked pretty aesthetic

The days when you found solace in that worn out ripped jeans

And those days you never read books, but somehow owned tons of bookmarks

Somedays striving for the extraordinary feels foolish

“Live each day as if its your last “is the conventional advice, but honestly none of us have the time and energy for that..

And the truth to be told,moderation is the new extraordinary !

8 responses to “Oblivious Days”

  1. This is fabulous!!! Keep writing ….looking forward for more neha


    1. neha sudhakar avatar
      neha sudhakar



  2. deepaasanthanam avatar



    1. neha sudhakar avatar
      neha sudhakar



  3. I love this one ❤️

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    1. neha sudhakar avatar
      neha sudhakar



  4. Amazing negs you always outdo yourself ❤

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    1. neha sudhakar avatar
      neha sudhakar

      AW :’)


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