Its quite fascinating 
how we associate words like
High maintenance 
Low effort 
Wolf, wild 
Hotness, hunger 
Break , fix 
Chaos, bloom
To humans and human relationships
It's funny 

How she calls her body-tight 
garment clingy 
And how she refers to the boy 
next door as clingy too.

How his favourite kind of dessert
is the tart
And how he regards to 
unfavourable kind of 
woman as tart too
It's funny
How we glamorise metaphors,
Glorify those who can come 
up with wildly unique ones.

What should we call this?
Reverse "personification"…

4 responses to “WoRDs”

  1. Nice handling of words which have very depth meaning and effects in our hearts great start. Up up and above 👍👏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. neha sudhakar avatar
      neha sudhakar

      thankyouu ✨


  2. Né this is beautiful!


    1. neha sudhakar avatar
      neha sudhakar



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