Somedays I want to be a seagull 

and soar high and free in the naked blue sky

Other days I want to be a blossom tree, 

decorated in pretty white

And for the few others, I wish I was a bewitching pink wild rose

At the hands of an old school romantic.

Whatever I can be

I want to be something outside of my human self

So I can walk on the earth, more lightly

With more gentle considerate steps.

7 responses to “Earth”

  1. It’s awesome💯Keep writing!

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  2. Superb..

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  3. Ganesh Shankar D avatar
    Ganesh Shankar D

    oh Super may u r dream be there undistributed as the modern world with human vanish…… mother nature earth cherish

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  4. Excellent😊

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  5. Nice shot. A little more time taken to understand theme of poem. One of motivational poem and earth description. Good go. ✌ very professional. Inspirational poem

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  6. This is beautiful.

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    1. neha sudhakar avatar
      neha sudhakar

      thankyouu Taree!


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