Note to Self on the bad days

You are an emotional quicksand and not everyone knows it.

But it’s real, and that’s what matters.

Today you are with me and we are in a valley,

A beautiful valley like those from your unfinished paintings,

Because every time you wanted to complete them,

you felt a hole within you…

The tea contours and the huge trees smell green

Somehow there’s a hidden sweetness in its raw odour

Because it’s NATURE…

Every being owns a unique odour

But only a few learn to own them fearlessly.

How is it that we are so used to falling in love with things beyond our reach ,

Beyond the bay

And so deeply forget to accept the things close to us

And what is most closest to you is “ YOU”!

Maybe this is what you need


Some more time,

You’ll be whole again.

When your view is blurry, you never see the possibilities,

But you are a miracle worker

An explorer A painter

All the good things in the world and even more.

You think and you can be.

There’s no success without mockery …

But when you oversee through all these blemishes

You are the most attractive being in the world,

Every breath you take is glory!


Learn more about yourself.

The blessing of being


3 responses to “Note to Self on the bad days”

  1. Sridevi Vinoo avatar
    Sridevi Vinoo

    So poetic…
    ” an emotional quicksand “…a beautiful description of the inner self…
    Well done neha…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Adithya Manoj avatar
    Adithya Manoj

    I really love this one a lot brooo! You got all my emotions penned down on this beautiful piece of work😍💯.
    Enthralling indeed!


  3. the Blessing of being YOU, that line hits me hard, love your writings ♥️.


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